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Model: BLA AB10
9mm Steel Snap-Off Blades For: 9mm cutters Qty: 10 /Pack 10 standard-duty blades in a plastic case with a blade disposal container. Good For: Applications such as paint, window film and pa..
R 59.80
Ex VAT:R 52.00
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Model: BLA AB10SB
9mm Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blades For: 9mm cutters Qty: 10 /Pack AB-10SB This premium stainless steel blade is ideal for working in wet environments. This blade is frequently used wit..
R 121.90
Ex VAT:R 106.00
Model: BLA AB50
9mm Steel Snap-Off Blades For: 9mm cutters Qty: 50 /Pack This premium steel blade is frequently used with wallpaper installation. Also used with window film and tint applications. Good Fo..
R 248.23
Ex VAT:R 215.85
Model: BLA ABB10B
9mm Black Ultra-Sharp Snap-Off Blades For: 9mm cutters Cat No: ABB-10B Qty: 10 /Pack With this OLFA® UltraSharp blade, you'll be surprised at the difference 25% can make. Less resistance..
R 69.69
Ex VAT:R 60.60
Model: BLA GSB-2S
GSB-2S Stainless Steel Scraper Blades For: OLFA® OLFA GSR-2 Cat No: GSB-2S Qty: 6/Pack These Stainless Steel scraper spare blades fits the OLFA GSR-2 scraper. Stainless steel blades off..
R 74.69
Ex VAT:R 64.95
Model: BLA HBB 5B
25mm Black Ultra-Sharp Snap-Off Blades For: H1, NH1 and XH1 cutters Qty: 5 /Pack These heavy-duty blades are designed for more demanding materials and projects. Put them to the test, and ..
R 111.44
Ex VAT:R 96.90
Model: BLA HOB1
Olfa HOB-1 20 mm Blade For: Hook cutter - 20 mm Cat No: HOB-1 Qty: 1 /Pack Olfa HOB-1 (20mm) Blade - Hook Format. The superior quality of the OLFA blade is the result of a step-by-step p..
R 127.19
Ex VAT:R 110.60
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Model: BLA HSWB-1
Olfa Pull-Saw Blade Cat No: HSWB-1/1B Qty: 1 /Pack Sawing is hard work ... unless you have a high-quality blade. This solid saw blade from OLFA® makes the saw do the work, not you. You'll..
R 175.66
Ex VAT:R 152.75
Model: BLA LB-SOL-10
18mm Solid Blades Cat No: LSOL-10B Qty: 10 /Pack Whether your a professional or a working on your 'honey-please-do' list, you'll appreciate the reliability of these OLFA® blades. Use thes..
R 104.82
Ex VAT:R 91.15
Model: BLA LB10B
18mm Solid Blades Cat No: LB-10B Qty: 10 /Pack If it's precision you want, choose these OLFA® snap-off blades. They are extremely sharp to begin with, and you can snap off a dulled edge t..
R 118.39
Ex VAT:R 102.95
Model: BLA LBB10
18mm Black Ultra-Sharp Snap-Off Blades Cat No: LBB-10 Qty: 10 /Pack Take one look at these UltraSharp OLFA® blades, and you'll see the sharpness of their edges. But you won't fully apprec..
R 100.57
Ex VAT:R 87.45
Model: BLA MCB1
20 mm Mat Cutter Blades Cat No: MCB-1 Qty: 5 /Pack 5 blades for mat cutter in a plastic case. Packed in a plastic bag. (MCB-1) Good For: Original Olfa blades for cutter MC-45,MC-45/2B, ...
R 242.54
Ex VAT:R 210.90
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